Vascular Therapy - Spider Veins

Central Coast Laser Clinic uses a Medical Grade Laser that has a  focused beam of laser energy, which targets the pigment in the blood. Without disrupting the skin's natural surface the heat generated from the laser coagulates the blood inside the vessel causing it to collapse and seal. Over the next few weeks, the vessel will disappear and the body’s scavenging cells will remove the blood. Over a period of four to six weeks, the vein is reabsorbed by the body and disappears. 

Spider veins are small, thin blood vessels that lie close to the surface of the skin and appear red or blue. These small, enlarged blood vessels may appear as short, unconnected lines or may be connected in a spider web or cluster pattern. Spider veins can cover a large area of skin and are unattractive. They commonly occur in the thighs, ankles and feet. At times, they may be uncomfortable.

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that involves the use of multiple injections to destroy the vein. Lasers on the other hand do not require needles and is a less traumatic experience to the surrounding skin. Laser therapy is a fast, safe and effective treatment alternative. Today, laser therapy is a procedure of choice, as satisfying results can be achieved quickly and with minimal recovery time.

Certain medications may affect your laser treatment if they are photosensitive (such as Roaccutane and Retin A which can cause pigmentation). If you are taking any medications it is best to advise your Skin and Laser Specialist so that we can ensure the best possible treatment results for you. Depending on the medication course, we may suggest performing treatments at least 2 to 6 months after taken. 

Why do I need a consultation?
Consultations are conducted with clients before the treatment to:

Assess if the vascular laser treatment is appropriate for you

  • Explain the laser process

  • Advise pre and post treatment care instructions

  • Advise the cost of treatment

Are laser spider vein removal treatments painful?Tolerance levels vary for all. In most cases clients will say that they felt no pain to feeling a flick/s of a rubber band. A topical anesthetic may be applied for those who find the tingling sensation intolerable.

How should I prepare before for my treatment?
To minimise the possibility of adverse skin effects we recommend avoiding the following activities for at least 2 to 4 weeks prior to your treatment:

  • Sun exposure (apply SPF 50+ sunscreen daily)

  • Solariums

  • Topical fake tans

  • Prescription strength exfoliants

Are there any post treatment restrictions?
Your therapist will advise you post treatment care instructions during your treatment. In most cases, once the redness has calmed down you are able to resume with normal activities. It is best to treat the area with care as you would a mild sunburn.

Please avoid the following activities until the redness has disappeared:

  • Use of prescription strength exfoliant creams

  • Swimming pools and spas with multiple chemicals/ chlorine

  • Activities that cause excessive perspiration

  • Avoid prolonged periods of sitting or standing

  • It is recommended to elevate the legs while sitting or sleeping.

Please avoid the following activities in between and post treatments:

  • Sun exposure (apply SPF 30 + sunscreen daily on areas being treated)

  • Solariums (cover all areas being treated)

Is Laser Spider Vein Removal permanent?
When qualified and highly trained therapist will perform treatments such as the team at Central Coast Laser Clinic, laser spider vein removal is very effective. Although treatments do not prevent development of new spider veins, the reduction of existing veins can dramatically improve the overall appearance of the affected area. Spider veins are recurrent, thus maintenance treatments are highly recommended.

How do I know if Laser Spider Vein Removal treatments are working for me?
Laser spider vein removal results are not immediate. After the laser therapy, the vessels underneath the skin will gradually change from a dark blue to light red color, and then eventually will disappear in two to six weeks. In most cases the skin continues to improve with each successive treatment. Our clients are continually experiencing great results and value for money at Central Coast Laser Clinic.

How many treatments will I need?
For best results and depending on the size and number of spider veins, on average we recommend 1 to 3 treatments. Those with a tendency towards vascular problems will most likely require additional treatments.

How do I know when to come in for my next treatment?
On average we recommend treating the area 8 to 10 weeks apart. If new veins appear, additional treatments are required for optimum results.

Your Skin and Laser Specialist will assess your individual progress throughout your treatment course, recommending the best time to return for your follow up treatment. If you are uncertain, please feel free to ask our team.

How will I look in between the treatments?
The treated vessels underneath the skin will gradually change from a dark blue to light red color, then eventually will disappear in two to six weeks.

Are there any risks or side effects?
Immediately following a laser treatment, clients should experience either slightly reddened or goose bump like skin. It feels somewhat like a mild sunburn. This effect is very normal and will disappear shortly after. Damage to the skin is very rare and only in some few cases, clients may experience pigment change in the skin. If this occurs, the skin will typically return to normal over time. In saying this, our Skin and Laser therapist team are experienced and are here to ensure you experience a satisfying treatment.

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