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Cos-medical Skincare cos-medicals are the newest and arguably the most effective category of skin care products that can be purchased without a prescription. Often described as an advanced cosmetically, that have the ability to assist with dramatically improving the appearance of the skin. Based on a clinically proven blends of AHA’s, Retinoids, Vitamin C, Pep-tides, Antioxidants and SPF technology, Cos-medicals are not only reliant on potent active ingredients but utilize penetration enhancing formulations and encapsulation technology to deliver benefits as deep as possible into the skin.

Cos-medicals are often described as the last step before a doctor’s prescription and should always be prescribed by a skin professional in a medi spa, skin clinic or medical practice environment. Skinstitut Cos-medicals contain proven technology that is clinically tested, with active ingredients to ensure the best possible skin care results.

Many skincare companies claim to contain active ingredients in their products such as antioxidants and retinol however on closer investigation these ingredients are either in a percentage so small that they do not have any therapeutic benefit or formulated in such a way that the ingredients are unstable and lack efficacy.

This of course leads to a disappointed consumer ready to be preyed on by the next marketing fad. Skinstitut believes good skincare should be simple, affordable and effective. To pay hundreds of dollars for a skincare cream is ludicrous yet consumers are still lured into believing that they are getting value for money. The basis of great skin is simple, good nutrition, regular gentle exfoliation, correction with actives such as retinol and UV protection with a minimum SPF 15.

• High quality, effective formulations that deliver real results
• Scientifically proven ingredients
• No gimmicks or scaremongering
• Expertly trained staff
• Outstanding customer service
• Client satisfaction is paramount

Serious, high-end skincare should be accessible to everyone.For this reason, we offer Australia’s most effective cos-medical range using top-quality, potent and cutting edge ingredients from all over the world.

• Cos-medical grade, chirally correct skincare
• Australian made, Australian owned
• Visible results, not ridiculous claims
• No animal testing or animal derived ingredients
We are not about hype, expensive packaging or luxury, but rather scientific formulations based on clinically proven ingredients and noticeable skin results.

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