Laser Toning

What is Laser Toning?
Laser Facial toning is a specialised technique using a Medical Class 4 Tri Beam Q Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm & 532nm laser. It involves several key components:

1. High powered micro-pulses
2. High repetition
3. Large spot size

The main target using Laser Facial toning is the microscopic blood vessels in the upper dermis. By delivering several thousand micro-pulses per treatment session, these blood vessels and in turn the dermis gets heated up. Collagen forming cells are activated as a result of this heating process and new collagen formation is stimulated, resulting in the closure of some of the tiny blood vessels. Collagen is an important structural component of the skin and it also provides structural support to the tiny blood vessels in the dermis.

Several treatment sessions are required 2 weeks part.

What is Laser Toning used for?
Laser is used in the treatment of a number of skin conditions. It is particularly useful in:

Promotes healthy skin
Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
Helps eliminate Rosacea
Lifts & tones
Smooth the texture of the skin
Promotes collagen & elastin

What happens during a Laser procedure?
If possible, we would like you to remove all make up before your procedure or we are able to remove it for you prior to your treatment. You should preferably not wear any sunscreen or creams before your treatment.

When you arrive a full consult will be provided and all information will be supplied to you, All clients are provided with a pair of protective goggles. The Cosjet laser pulses will be given using a sweeping motion.

What does a Laser Toning Treatment feel like?
You will feel your skin heating up. When one area is heated up to an adequate level, we will move onto a different area. The area is passed over in 3 different directions and  usually has minimal discomfort. After the treatment your skin will feel firm and smooth.

What do I look like after a laser treatment?
Your face might be a little bit red. The treatment only takes about thirty minutes. A lot of our clients come in their lunch break and then go back to work.

Do I see results straight away?
The results are not visible immediately when Laser Toning is performed on its own. The formation of new collagen takes time. It takes on average a few weeks before you start noticing a discernible effect. The result may be more rapidly visible when it is used in combination with other treatments. The observable results will include: