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E-Light IPL Hair Reduction




This is an advanced technology combining Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with Radio Frequency (RF). This advanced combination proves effective even in cases where other systems have failed.


E-Light uses assisted radio ref uency waves along with Intense Pulsed LIght to create a more efficient target absorption. RF reaches the middle and deeper layers of the skin by heating the tissue. This allows for less energy needed to be applied during treatment, leading to greater results obtained with a reduced number of sessions. The energy generated by the E -LIGHT is transformed into heat that permanently destroys the hair bulb, yet does not affect surrounding tissue. Also, the cooling system provided by the equipment provides added protection from heat stress whilst minimizes discomfort.


Using a combination of IPL and RF as described above, hair loss can be seen even after the very first session. The RF (Radio Frequency) waves along with IPL creates more efficient target absorption for effective removal of stubborn, lighter coloured hairs that are resistant to other treatments.


The treatment acts on the hairs that are currently in the growth phase, which will typically fall out in the days to weeks following treatment. Other hairs not in the growth stage continue to grow normally, but will be affected on subsequent sessions. Eventually, after a small number of treatments, there will be no more visible hairs remaining




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