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skinpen® PRECISION skin remodeling

 SkinPen® Precision

The SkinPen® Precision treatment works in three simple steps, designed to activate the skin’s natural healing process. Following each session, the skin begins to heal itself, looking more renewed and rejuvenated over time. SkinPen® Precision is only used in professional settings and delivers dramatic results without the use of heat or chemicals.


How Does SkinPen Microneedling work?

The micronnedles puncture the skin and create tiny micro-injuries that are not visible to the naked eye. It creates thousands of tiny microchannel that stimulate your body's natural wound healing process, while minismising cellular damage. This stimulates tissue regeneration from inside out- collagen is stimulated, scar tissue is remodelled, while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact. 


SkinPen® Precision microneedles penetrate the skin’s surface, triggering a natural immune response to disinfect, remove debris, increase blood flow, and activate the creation of new tissue.


The micro-channels or tiny holes created by SkinPen® Precision are rebuilt with new granulation cells that include collagen proteins. Additionally, a new network of blood vessels develops.


New dermal tissues form, rich in collagen and elastin proteins. These proteins improve skin quality, visibly reducing facial acne scars and neck wrinkles, leaving skin more smooth, radiant, and younger-looking.


SkinPen Precision is simple, comfortable, and effective for skin rejuvenation in as little as 30 minutes with little to no downtime. 


Light Numbing: Topical anesthetic may be administered to assure comfort during the treatment.


During Treatment: SkinPen Precision creates thousands of controlled microchannels in the skin to stimulate your body’s innate wound healing cascade. This healing process works at the site of treatment to remodel the tissue to give your skin a younger, firmer and radiant appearance.


Hydrate to Protect: The LIFT Hydrogel is applied to the treatment area to help reduce friction for easy gliding and comfort. A treatment course of 3-6 treatments may be prescribed based on your individual goals. 

  • Psoriosis

  • Eczema

  • Dermatitis

  • Sensitive skin

  • Acne


When treating the scalp, needle-free Mesotherapy has seen positive results with conditions such as dandruff, excess sebum, seborrheic eczema and a variety of hair loss issues. Needle-free Mesotherapy is pain free and can be an attractive alternative to clients that prefer to avoid or have a fear of needles.

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