China Doll

Carbon Facial



Carbon Laser Facial Otherwise known as the Hollywood Peel or China Doll facial, is one of the most advanced laser treatments available for enhancing the skin’s radiance and promoting a smooth, glowing complexion. It is a great treatment choice for refining enlarged pores, reducing oil secretion, removing blackheads & creating a more even skin tone.

When performing the China Doll Laser facial a layer of carbon is applied on the entire face.


How does it work?

A carbon lotion is applied to the skin and allowed to dry over a period of 15 minutes. Then, the Pastelle laser is used to heat and cause an implosion of the carbon particles the laser light is absorbed by the carbon paste focusing the laser energy on the epidermis. As the laser moves across the skin the carbon paste is gently vacuumed up, exfoliating the skin and removing any debris in pores. The treatment minimises pore sizes and the thermal effect of the laser beam stimulates collagen renewal. The treatment is comfortable and only a minor sensation similar to pins and needles is felt. This treatment creates a porcelain dolls complexion, is non-invasive and very gentle to the skin.  Most people describe the sensation as a light tingling feeling.



Some of the benefits from the China Doll Laser Facial using the Pastelle laser are:

  • Improvement in pore size

  • Improvement in active acne

  • Increased tone of the skin

  • Collagen and elastin stimulation

  • A cleaner complexion

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Tightens dilated pores

  • Reduces acne, scars and post acne discolouration

  • Removes dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer

  • Improves skin texture

  • Restores skin integrity and radiance